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DIANE WATKINS – Property Consult was founded in Tamarin, Mauritius, to provide our clients with a personalised realty service focusing on quality, trust and international and national industry know-how. We are here to provide guidance in the process of renting, selling and/or purchasing your property and today, we have extended this service to the Centre, South and North of the island through a select choice of first grade property developments and partner agencies across Mauritius. We understand that each of you have a different set of requirements and we take great care to listen and understand what these are, before guiding you into the right direction: we pride ourselves in enabling you to make an informed choice.

Our Team


We are a multi-national team, having all experienced living overseas and establishing our roots in Mauritius. This has enabled us to truly understand the excitement and uncertainties of settling in a new country and buying or renting property in Mauritius. By combining our personal and professional experience and growing our team with well-travelled Mauritian professionals, whether you are planning to make a life in Mauritius or simply invest in its real estate, our goal is to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

Our African, Mauritian, French and English background, gives us the added advantage of understanding the island’s 4 main markets and obviously catering accordingly. Mauritius is defined by an incredibly diverse and welcoming community, a stable economy and democratic government, as well as undeniably beautiful landscapes and lagoons. All these wonderful features not only define a home in which Mauritians are immensely proud of, but also an Island that has attracted many non-Mauritian nationals to settle, work and/or retire.

The government continues to support and evolve residency regulations in order to accommodate non-citizens’ demand to invest, live or retire in Mauritius. Being in close contact with the EDB (Economic Development Board), reliable banks and recognised corporate management firms, we guide you through the legal process of living, working or retiring in Mauritius when purchasing a property or renting a property.

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We pride ourselves in helping you make an informed choice