Men and Women of Africa

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MWA – Men and Women of Africa – is an initiative that aims to invest in charitable organizations and individuals in Africa. Currently, we are in close partnership with NGO’s and individuals in Mauritius, Madagascar, and Zimbabwe, that touch missions such as Education, Medical Aid, Art and Women in Development.
Our goal is to expand our philanthropic relationships across Africa as WE CARE and believe in the Men and Women of Africa.

We Support


Miaraka Foundation

Miaraka in Malagasy means “together”. Through Fraternity, Education, Psychological and Spiritual healing, we work to bring the light of hope into the lives of those that are torn apart by poverty, trafficking and prostitution.

I61 Foundation

A collaborative platform which encourages synergy between NGO's, corporate and faith-based organisations. We monitor and facilitate these projects resulting in transparent partnerships with effective and sustainable outcomes.

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